Summary of Post

  • All of science is science and can’t be separated
  • Human biology helps kids understand how all of science is connected
  • Teaching science as separate branches oversimplifies and leaves out too much
  • Vlog entry from Dr. Robin

Science is Science


Typically science education is divided into separate branches.

Have you felt pressure to start with one of these?

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Earth Science
Why Human Biology helps focus kids on the reality of science.

The people enthusiastically pushing these separate branches of science don’t understand the big picture.

  • They usually don’t have any understanding of how science fits together.  So-called experts who insist that chemistry or physics or earth science or biology is the basis of all science are insisting on something that doesn’t exist.  That’s right.  These separate branches don’t actually exist.
  • They put their own preferences and love for a particular aspect of science ahead of the learning needs of the student.

The reality is

  • While kids might think rocks or explosions are cool, they don’t have a gut level understanding of how these work.  This leads them to learn “fun facts” rather than real science.
  • There aren’t actually separate branches of science…but because it isn’t typically taught this way, only those with a very high level of education are able to see the big picture.



Physicians are the only group of scientists who are guaranteed to have an expert level understanding of all aspects of science and how they work together.



Dr. Robin understood this problem and created Dr. Robin’s School to provide families with the science education their kids need. 

Understanding how kids learn, Dr. Robin started with Human Biology.  We don’t want kids to think that science is nothing but random facts organized into boxes labelled “Chemistry” and “Biology” and “Physics”. Instead, we want students to see that all of science is science and that science is deeply meaningful to them. You can read more about why this approach works better throughout this blog!


Vlog Post: All of Science is Just Science

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