Always New Material

You can never run out of topics in science!  Dr. Robin is always creating new lessons and new programs.  We introduced live offerings in the 2023-2024 school year: Book Club, Coloring Book Club, Ask Dr. Robin, Parent Meetings.

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Coming in the future:

  • Summer badge program 2024
  • Chemistry, fall 2024
  • General biology, released as available, final full program completion TBD


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Something new is always happening!  Science is vast and we’ll never run out.

I am very excited about the chemistry offering next year. Exploring other science topics definitely makes this a subscription I am willing to keep for years to come. Thanks so much for all your hard work!

A Happy Parent


Want to Stop Hunting?

We’re always adding new material so you don’t have to keep finding new science options.

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See Everything

We joined very early on, but I feel comfortable staying with Dr. Robin long term because there is so much new material that has been provided as the program grows.

A Happy Parent