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Large Sample of Curriculum

You can try individual samples below or use this link to access multiple free lessons with worksheets, printables, and more! Have your kids learned about their 8 Senses?  Or only 5? This is a great opportunity to explore more and move your family to a more mature understanding of their senses!

Muscles of Facial Expression

What a fun and creative way to learn about facial muscles!  You can try this at home or save yourself the mess and just watch Dr. Robin!

PDF: Make a Working Vocal Cord Model

Yes, it really does make sounds (rather strange sounds similar to an elephant or other wild animal). Follow these instructions using supplies you probably already have at home! 


Anatomy Paper Dolls

There are lots of options on Pinterest, but these are anatomically detailed and encourage an actual understanding of the human body!  There’s no face so your kids can decorate however they want!

E-Book of 5 Minute Human Body Experiments: 

These don’t take any set up or special equipment.  Keep this e-book handy on your phone and use a few minutes of waiting to do some fun learning!


PDF: Make a Working Lung Model

What makes the air actually go into your lungs?  With this fun model, it will be obvious why we have a diaphragm!  With just a few things you probably already have at home, you can make your model in a few minutes.

7 Day Self Care Email Challenge

This one’s for you. If you are caring for children, there’s a good chance you aren’t caring for yourself. This gentle and quick self-care email challenge will help you think through simple ways to improve your self care.

Tame Your Survival Brain and Conquer Worry

Does your child worry? Do you? We are wired to feel nervous, anxious, and uncomfortable in a variety of situations. Watch a bonus lesson from Dr. Robin (not available in the regular curriculum) to understand what part of our brain is involved and what to do to feel better!

Two Magic Phrases for Parents

Dr. Robin loves to use science to make it easier to be a better parent. It’s like hacking parenting. Learn how these two magic phrases can get you through those bad moments when being a good parent is hard.

I’ve recommended Dr. Robin to several homeschool friends already. The video lessons are engaging & easy to understand, even when the topic is complicated. The workbooks made a great keepsake/portfolio item.

A Happy Parent


There’s so much to love about Dr. Robin’s School!

A subscription gives you complete access to everything

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