Healthy Parenting Handbook


Katie Kimball is a popular public speaker on the topic of childhood nutrition and two-time TEDx speaker.  She and Dr. Robin discussed how to help kids make their own good decisions!

Herstory Circle


Getrude Matshe is known internationally for creating inspiring content about women making a difference in the world.  Dr, Robin was honored to be featured on her program and in the accompanying magazine!

Homeschool Advantage


Bex Buzzie, a staple in the homeschool community, gives lively interviews with the all the most innovative homeschool creators as well as long-time favorites. There was a lot of energy in this podcast episode!

Homeschool Sisters


Cait Curley, one of the sisters in Homeschool Sisters, is a school psychologist and huge fan of Dr. Robin. They’ve done interviews before for Cait Curley’s member-only resources. We’re excited to have a public one to share!

Colorado Medical Society

Member Spotlight

Inspired by Dr. Robin’s multiple contributions to education and the community, CMS asked to do a spotlight. Dr. Robin was honored to say yes!

Dr. Robin’s Own


Submit your questions for the upcoming season and enjoy this podcast meant for all ages.  While Dr. Robin answers questions for kids through residents, most of her listeners are her the students from Dr. Robin’s School!

Doximity Op-Med Page

Articles by Dr. Robin

A Doximity writing fellow in 2021-2022, Dr. Robin published multiple articles. Some have to do with education, some with her other experiences.

Monkey & Me

Curriculum review

Mom-blogger Laura, mom to Marc, created a detailed video review of the curriculum in its earlier incarnation back in 2022.  She also wrote a post to go with it.

My Little Poppies

Curriculum Review

This was the first time Cait Curley and Dr. Robin worked together!  Cait is a proponent of interest led learning so this program is an obvious match for her!

KevinMD interview


Dr. Kevin Pho, called social media’s leading physician voice, sat down with Dr. Robin to discuss medical education and what a parent should do to support a child who wants to be a doctor.

The Art of Medicine


Dr. Andrew Wilner hosts a podcast for physicians to learn more about the most creative and innovative minds in medicine. This is a more in-depth interview about Dr. Robin’s history as a teacher and more.

KevinMD on Medpage

Articles by Dr. Robin

Having been asked a multitude of times about what a parent should do to support a child who wants to be a doctor, it was time to share all the info.