Human Reproduction Unit

 Are you tired of how society has made one action the focus of human reproduction?  Are you worried about how to help your kids navigate this complex new world in which technology has added a whole new layer of risk?

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Dr. Robin’s “Making More Humans” 

  • Focuses on the scientific need for variation and how this is accomplished with meiosis rather than mitosis
  • Presents the anatomy of human reproduction as a logical solution to a scientific problem
  • Has four core lessons that build on each other–watch one at a time in order when your child is ready
  • Includes many additional lessons on all the topics that scare parents.  Safety. Consent. Sexting. Porn. Each is presented from the perspective of rational, scientific reasons and an understanding of how our brain is “tricked” but we can be smart


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Dr. Robin presents human reproduction the way it should be taught!

There isn’t any agenda. Dr. Robin is pure science and explains exactly what parents want their kids to know in a way that removes any thrills but is clear and scientific.

A Happy Parent


Unhappy with society’s focus on “the act”?

Put the focus where it belongs on the science of making more humans!

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