Book Club

Dr. Robin practiced for ten years as a family physician before starting Dr. Robin’s School.  She was beloved by her patients because of her compassionate care, excellent diagnostic skills, and ability to figure out just the right treatment.  But more than that, patients loved her because she cared about them as people.

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How Books are Chosen

  • Dr. Robin works with a K-8 teacher and a children’s librarian to pick the initial candidates. 
  • When reading each selection, Dr. Robin is looking for a book that is well written, portrays characters as multi-dimensional and developing over time, and inspires readers to feel hopeful and ready to make a difference.


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Middle grade novels are perfect for helping students understand the experience of people with medical conditions.

The books Dr. Robin picked out have all made it to my daughter’s list of “Favorite Books Ever.” She has great taste and understands what both kids and parents are looking for in a book.

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