In-Depth Lessons

With over 100 detailed video lessons and more coming every month, you’ll never run out of material! In 80+ recorded lessons, Dr. Robin teaches kids everything they need to know about human biology–whether that’s to prepare them for a healthy future or a future career.

Families love the lessons because of the in-depth science, engaging teaching, and life applications!

  • Each lesson is approximately 20 minutes long
  • Optional worksheets
  • Traditional lessons using appropriate teaching techniques for the topic
  • Activities and model building
  • Dissections
  • Coloring and drawing
  • Quizlet cards for review

Choose a Pre-Planned Schedule to help you get started.

  • You will still have access to every lesson.
  • Start your learning with your guide and then branch out when you want.
  • Some learners will want to change out individual lessons from the guide and that’s fine, too!

Lessons are available in the Student Portal. Parents can access answer keys and a Curated Video Library to enhance learning in the Parent Portal.


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Over 100 Video Lessons for a variety of different learning styles

I love that I can sit and listen and learn alongside my kids, that I don’t have to prepare for ANYTHING, and that I don’t even need to follow up with an experiment on my own. I jot notes down myself while watching, and can pause and have a conversation with my kids about what we just heard that was surprising, and use my notes to add to my homeschool report each quarter. I love that I have this off my plate!

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I needed my children to have useful, applicable information about the human body in a highly user-friendly format that they could relate to and use in the future as they make important decisions for themselves, Dr. Robin has provided that.

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