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  • How online programs can help homeschool families
  • Times have changed and with it we have more options
  • Your children can learn from real experts
  • More support is available than the old textbook days

4 Ways Online Programs Can Provide Support in Overcoming Common Challenges with Homeschooling

More Than Ever!

The number of families homeschooling surged in 2020, with nearly 10% reporting that they were homeschooling their children by September of that year. This surge propelled  homeschooling into the spotlight and piqued the interest of curious parents and educational institutions. Even though things have returned to a “new normal,” many families have now discovered the freedom and flexibility homeschooling offers and are choosing to continue on this path.

But let’s be honest, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Picking the right homeschool curriculum, juggling a new homeschool schedule, choosing an accredited homeschool program vs. interest-led learning – suddenly, parents are facing a mountain of decisions and anxieties. On top of that, they’re still managing all their usual responsibilities while mastering a whole new skill set!

Honest challenges aside, I’ve got good news with real-life proof: I’m an experienced homeschool mom with two kids–my oldest is navigating high school while dancing in a pre-professional ballet program and my younger one is blossoming in the academic challenges of middle school.

How Online Homeschool Programs Help Families

Over the years, I’ve seen a total game-changer emerge—online programs! Sure, the internet has been around a bit longer than my kids, but it’s only in the recent past that homeschoolers have had the wealth of resources available that we do now.

Here are 4 ways online programs can help overcome common homeschooling challenges


1. Curriculum Variety and Flexibility:
  • Gone are the days when a store, catalog, or local homeschool co-op dictated what might be available to you. Online programs offer a wide range of curriculum options, catering to different learning styles and interests. By choosing what’s right for your family, you can find your Goldilocks curriculum: the one that’s just right. This keeps your students more engaged and progressing forward. 
  • Once you’ve chosen your curriculum, the vast majority have flexible schedules and pacing, allowing families to customize their learning journey and adjust to their individual needs.
2. Expert Guidance and Support:
  • Online programs often give you access to experts in a topic. Students benefit from the depth of understanding that only an expert possesses, regardless of whether they are learning poetry from a poet or human biology from a physician.
  • In the past, homeschooling meant parents shouldering all the responsibility. Thankfully, online programs have changed the game! Now, parents can tap into a wealth of resources: dedicated support teams to answer logistical questions, experienced educators to provide teaching assistance, and even subject matter experts to answer your child’s deep dives into any topic. At Dr. Robin’s School, students can log in to Ask Dr. Robin to have their questions answered live, in addition to other classes and opportunities.
3. Engaging and Interactive Learning:
  • Online programs can use various multimedia elements like videos, flashcards, or other interactive activities to make learning more digestible, engaging, and enjoyable for students.
  • It can be easier to pick and choose among a variety of options. Follow one of many learning paths, do hands-on activities, or check out clubs or interest groups. This can help keep students motivated and focused, especially for tweens and teens.
  • Some programs offer live online environments for  real-time interaction with teachers and peers, fostering a more community oriented social learning environment. 
4. Assessment and Tracking Progress:
  • Online programs often provide downloadable worksheets, built in assessment tools and progress tracking features. This allows parents to monitor their child’s learning and identify areas where they may need additional support or enrichment.
  • Some programs offer personalized recommendations and learning pathways, helping to tailor the learning experience further. (Stay tuned…we already have different schedules, we’ll soon have a Pathfinder to help you choose yours!)


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