A Physician-Teacher-Mom


Dr. Robin Dickinson MD is a family physician, medical school faculty, and homeschooling mom. (She also is married and together with her husband has two kids, four cats, and one very cute dog, as you can see from the photo!)

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Even with her education, she felt overwhelmed and frustrated when trying to teach science to her own children.  To apply to medical school, she had an extensive university education in biology, chemistry, and physics.  But she found numerous problems in the available options for her kids.

  • Many didn’t teach real science
  • Those that promised to teach real science often just tossed big words and concepts at kids without explaining
  • All the experiments and demonstrations required more time to set up and clean up than actually do.
  • And none of them solved the bigger problem…kids are arriving in high school unprepared.

Now we’re all benefiting from that frustration as she has creating a solution for all of us!


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Dr. Robin created her science curriculum when she couldn’t find what she needed for her own kids.

What do my kids love about Dr. Robin’s School? Dr. Robin herself. They are huge fans. Which I think is because they understand her excellent explanations and can tell she takes children seriously.

A Happy Parent


Want a Teacher Your Kids Can Respect?

Don’t settle for whizz-bang science…instead develop your child’s mind and ideals. 

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Dr. Robin makes it very interesting and easy for kid at any age to understand the most complex topics.

A Happy Parent