Quarterly Parent Meetings

Want to talk with Dr. Robin herself about your plans for this semester?  Now you can!  Join other parents using Dr. Robin’s School and find out more!

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The types of questions parents have:

  • Which schedule is right for my child?
  • Will my child be ready for high school science?
  • How do I use the program with multiple children?
  • How do I fit in Book Club?
  • What lessons work well for different learning styles?
  • What’s coming out next?

You can also put in your requests!  Dr. Robin is very responsive to parent suggestions and you might find your idea becoming a part of the program!

For parent meetings, we do require registration but we do not require you to have your camera on as we do for kids programs.


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Dr. Robin can answer your questions and give you behind the scenes knowledge of what’s coming out next.

The welcome email was thorough but I still had questions so I really appreciated getting suggestions from Dr. Robin and Jill. Thank you for all that you do! We all love learning from you!

A Happy Parent


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