Funding for Science Education

Did you know that your state might pay for access to Dr. Robin’s School and many other resources for your student?  Applying is worth it–the amounts available range from $1500 to $19,000 depending on the state and your situation.

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We are not contracted with every program yet but wanted to get this information to everyone!  Many programs don’t require you to use a pre-approved vendor but many do.  If you are planning on applying for one of these programs, please contact us so we can prioritize your state in our application processes.

If you live in any of the states listed below, you should check out the state’s website for more information. We can only do our side of the work, you’ll have to check with your state for details about how you can apply!

While any student can apply to some programs, others have specific qualifications and the following groups might receive additional funding from their state:

  • Preschool or K-12 students with special needs
  • Students with an IEP, MET, or 504
  • Students with a military parent, either on active duty or killed in the line of duty
  • Students with a parent who is legally blind, deaf, or hard of hearing
  • Students who are currently attending a D or F-rated public school
  • Students who reside within a Native American Reservation
  • Students who are wards of the court
  • Students who have a sibling who is/was an ESA recipient
  • Students who have previously received an ESA


Let us know if we’re missing any programs:

An increasing number of states are funding online education and your child might benefit